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…….sought to push beyond the accepted conventions of reality by representing in poetry and art the irrational imagery of dreams and the unconscious mind . . . disorienting realist imagery often based on dreams, hallucination, and paranoia.”_MG_9136 copy

Surrealism seems to be endlessly incorporated into modernity, or deemed to relate to modernisms, either, simply through the timing of its movement, as surrealism the movement, took place at the heights of modernity. Or possibly as some kind of investigation of the then new Freudian unconscious, subconscious, and interpretation of dreams.

We are all equals in the nude …nude, body photography studio_MG_9089 copyAB6W6621-A
The attraction to create art stage of nude, is more about the removal of meaning than it is about any established semiotics of the nude. It’s about control … the control of meaning. Images are about the paring down,_MG_9130 copy or_MG_9123 copy removal of the meanings of the clothes, to clear the canvas, so to speak. A nude can be imbued with gender – or not. It can signify race – or not, but unadorned, in our basic form, we are all equals in the nude. No culture or wealth. No status, occupation, or education. A blank canvas, that basic form, pared down to the individual person. To me that is exciting. A starting point, a simplicity, a purity … from which I can add meaning, like color to a canvas, to construct narratives of beauty.

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Vancouver photographic art

Model, photographer in a meeting of the minds. This started with a simple idea to share a story about body-image, but very quickly became a broader visual exploration of our perceptions of the self. As two quite separate souls, unlinked beyond this encounter, our own separate journeys, our personal journeys, became embroiled within this visual odyssey, until all three were one and the same. . . . Maybe art can be no other way.

….visual art is built upon the essential cornerstones of figurative lighting of sculpture. Mastering these disciplines is critical to the development of an artist’s personal vision and, ultimately, to the creation of vital contemporary art

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