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Alternative vision, openly creative, equal and surreal with aesthetic design.

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An energetic group of people, capturing emotion between the frames, from the darkness to light… friendly and lovely, this is how we describe our eQ team. We are a group of artist working together.AB6W6586 copy

We offer high end portrait photography in our studio and onsite photo session; we do commercial photography, editorial photography and event photography.

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_MG_9091 copyemind photo studio location : 3580 East Hastings Street Vancouver BC V5K 2A7

photographer: Robin Wong  Tel: 604 618 8200

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Stylist Scott Hurr

Elemental Profusion Art

A piece of art, no matter what kind, rarely is capable of physically touching all of the senses. That being said, a truly intense work will affect a person so profoundly that it can convince one that the other senses are either engaged or, temporarily, unnecessary.

The process of creating is often as much an art as the product rendered. The art of body modifications are unique in that the process is ongoing, morphing at the person grows, changes, ages and learns. It is often described as highly addictive; one piercing, one tattoo, it’s never enough.AB6W6859 copyAB6W6769 copy

This art also is very rarely done alone. Due to the invasive nature of the implements upon the skin, the pain and the endorphins combining, the spiritual or cavalier attitudes; body modification can have the intensity of a sexual encounter.  And just as sexuality is a part of what defines us as people, what kind of art we make of ourselves (whether it’s simply in the way we dress or the art we place upon our skin) also helps in clarifying our identity.

Humans change and grow over time, what was remembered with pain and sorrow can become something fond, our encounters, our style, our perspectives will (sometimes subtly, sometimes in an epiphany) shift in new and unique ways.

I desire to create something that will last for as long as possible, yet change as we all do. I work with many strong materials that age as we do. Whether it’s a leather garment that shapes to our movements or silken strands woven together that eventually can never be unwound or my tattoo’s stories etched indelibly into my skin (which is as permanent an art as I can create in my lifetime); they will always change but they will also be present. And in being present they can constantly speak to us of ideals, memories, and potential futures.

Vice versa, I am a dancer. Dancing is a moment to moment thing. Movements evoke feelings and summon likenesses to mind. Various recording devices may capture a dancers movement but never that moment when the music makes itself perfectly clear.

Being a model almost seems a hypocrisy in that it strives to capture that moment and replay it, in stillness, for all to see. Nonetheless the art of photography can do that. With the right angles, light, love, and technique a moment caught can seem more real than the ones we’re actively involved in.  The  most intense dancers often work in a minimum of pairs, the model would be nothing without the photographer, and body arts require the love of both the artist and the person who is being the canvas. All these arts require many passions to combine and create something wholly beyond the sum of it’s parts.

We are all parts of a puzzle whose dimensions are far beyond our ken, and although not the same all the pieces have an equality in them.

Bio: I believe there’s uniqueness to everyone. Some people relish it, immersing themselves in it and standing up for their right to be all that they see they are. For others it’s a fire that burns so brightly it burns them out leaving an emptiness in it’s tracks. And some fear it, quashing it as far down as possible hiding it from everyone, especially themselves.

I still believe it’s there.

There are stories to be told, expressed, and experienced all around us. Be it an individual’s or a collective; perhaps a historical story stretching eons involving glacial shifts. There’s always a story, and always a potential for uniqueness and also a chance for empathy.

Good portraits will either capture, in a flash, in a moment, a part of that person’s story; or capture them telling another persons; as an actor would. The painter’s of the Renaissance were capable of such things and we aspire to do no less.

Designing garments or creating makeup styles have become unnecessary to the average person. If you want to express yourself it’s easy enough to do it off the rack. I feel that convenience should be appreciated but I also feel that garments, makeup, etc should either have a story of their own or at the very least add to your own.  All the garments I make are meant to have a history and combine with their owners, adding confidence and self love as they do so.AB6W6778-B copy

Scott Hurr:   https://www.facebook.com/scott.hurr?pnref=friends.search

photographer: Robin Wong  Tel: 604 618 8200

email: robinwongca@gmail.com


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