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Fashion photography

I am very enthusiastic about what I do. I love to be part of pictures that tell a story. I admire creative photographers that take the models to their limits.
I truly enjoy every moment of it. I have been told that I am a blast to work with because I am always cutting up. I take my shoots seriously, but still know how to have fun at the same time. My philosophy on life is that you can’t take it too seriously because you’ll never get out alive. So, pretty much do what you love and love what you do! I am very laid back and want you to thoroughly enjoy you session with me.

I view photographer as making pieces of art.

Partner: L. Steven Timothy


Photographer: Robin Wong    Tel: 604 618 8200

email: robinwongca@gmail.com

emind photo studio: 3580 East Hastings Street Vancouver BC V5K 2A7

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