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RBIN8429-mailRBIN8425-mail2Alternative vision, openly creative, equal and surreal with aesthetic design, an energetic group of people, capturing emotion from black and white, between shadow to high light….friendly and lovely, this is how we describe our eQ team, we are a group of artist working together….RBIN8676-BWstudio portrait photography RBIN8716-C copy


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RBIN8691 copyPortrait Packages

Start $120.00 ! Paying half price of full studio portrait session, let you try out and experience our sophisticated studio Glamour photo shoot. One outfit, we spend half hour creative photography in studio, you will have 7 digital full size images on disc included one touch-up.

Theme Photo Sessions

*Boudoir photo session, 3 outfits, one hour photo session, we photograph with changing in different looks, choices of backgrounds to cooperate with lights and create the best look on your best angles. We photograph 20 shots and touch-up 10, all in full size digital file on disc. $300.00

*Elaborate Studio Session

5 changes, two hours photo shoot in studio, we spend more time will bring you to next level of creativity photograph and imaging, different lighting effects, and you can create themes with your 5 outfits. We photograph 40 shoots and touch-up 20, all in full size digital files on disc. $450.00

*Design Album

This is a personal fine art portrait session, included photographing in studio with all changing and different lighting effects, you will have a set of elaborated studio images. And we plan one outdoor location shoot, creative mood with environment; an environmental portraiture is a portrait of you in your familiar surroundings. The surroundings should be indicative of what you like and what you like to do. We spend 1.5 hour in studio and 2 hours on location. The items this package included, 60 images and 25 touch-up, all full size digital files on disc, one 12”X12” custom design leather cover, coffee table album, 18-pages holds 25 images, one 24”X30” portraiture with design custom frame. $1000.00

Studio, 3580 E. Hastings Street Vancouver BC  *Appointment needed.

For more information please contact:

Photographer, Robin   604 618 8200

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